Car Park Door Systems

Door Doctors are Queensland’s main entry carpark specialists. We can help with the installation, repair or replacement of car park doors in shopping centres, office buildings, residential buildings, factories, and much more.

If security is paramount in your car park, we are pleased to offer many options depending on your needs: swipe card, remote entry, boom gates. We can work with and upgrade existing operations or build you a custom security solution from scratch.

We incorporate high use spring less drums on car park doors – they include standard control (up/down/stop) and also an emergency manual chain operation in case there is a power failure. We strongly recommend this feature for high cycle doors so you’re not caught short in an emergency.

All our work is completed in compliance with council regulations e.g. ventilation – all doors must have 60% air flow through a door. Our experience means we can make the process of customising your needs painless and professional.

If you need additional measures such as height bars installed at an entrance to your car park we can also assist with that.

Simply give us a call on 3299 2992, contact us by clicking here, or email us on [email protected] and we’ll get in contact to see how we can ensure your car park and car park doors are in top shape and not causing you any headaches.

Alternatively please place a request through our online quoting service by clicking the button below.

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