Motors & Remotes

Door Doctors offer replacement motors, motor parts and can motorise existing manual doors. We also have access to a full range of remote control replacements.

Are you sick of opening your old door by hand – hurting your back or getting out of the car in the rain? We’re able to motorise any existing doors – tilt doors or panel lift (sectional doors) – the work can be motorised inexpensively and quickly.

Are you missing a remote and/or concerned about safety? We can recode your remote (just like changing locks).

Are you finding your remote controlled garage door only seems to open when it feels like it? Find yourself wishing it’d go all the way up first time, every time? We know how you feel.

Perhaps your Wi-Fi connection is ruining the AM frequency of your old garage door remote. We can help you with garage door remote upgrades – our new tri-code, high security (rolling code), FM high frequency universal receivers will suit any motor system and can work from up to 500m away, every time!

We use motors from the Chamberlin group.

For residential doors we use and recommend Merlin motors.

For industrial we use and recommend Grifco motors.

Simply give us a call on 3299 2992, contact us by clicking here, or email us on [email protected] and we’ll get in contact to help fix your motor and remote problems.

Alternatively please place a request through our online quoting service by clicking the button below.

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