Tilt Door Sales and Repair

Tilt garage doors (also known as a panel lift garage door) are made from a one piece tilting panel. The panel has pivoting arms at both sides of the garage door opening. When engaged, the door then moves out and up from a vertical position into a horizontal position.They’re easy to use and can be very convenient depending on your circumstances ( these types of doors require space in front of and above the door to open.)

If your garage has extremely limited head height at the opening (for example less than 20cm), a tilt door can be a good option.

For those with taller cars (or ones with roof racks) – especially in older low-ceiling garages, a tilt door is a very good option to maximise space and not worry about causing any damage to your car or your door.

Tilt Garage Door (source: Stratco)

Not sure if you have/need a tilt garage door? Check out this video to show one in action.

Tilt Door Sales

The Door Doctors stock a wide range of tilt doors and would be pleased to help you with any enquiries you may have whether you wish to replace an existing door, have a new build, or need a repair on an existing door.

We can supply these doors out of many different types of materials at a reasonable cost as it’s just one big sheet. We can offer tilt doors made of plywood, timber, steel, aluminium or others. The door is able to be solid, slatted, or even custom embossed. We can include windows into your design with many options for your privacy as well.

Of course there are many other options with regards to your garage door motor – you’ll just need to choose one suitable for tilt doors. Have a look at our Merlin garage door motors page for more information.

If you do need a replacement, most Tilt-A-Door parts can be reused for the new door. This is both convenient and cost efficient for the end user. The bons is you also don’t limit your design options.

Tilt Door Repair

These doors have a simple mechanism and there are no tracks required, and as such it’s often inexpensive to repair them. We stock a wide range of tilt-a-door parts and would be happy to help you get your door back in working order quickly and with a minimum of fuss. If you’d like one of the friendly team from the Door Doctors to quote you to repair your panel lift door, please give us a call on 3299 2992. We are the tilt-a-door experts and there’s nothing we haven’t seen before or can’t fix. We guarantee we can repair/secure your tilt door upon site visit.

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