Garage Door Repairs – The Basics and Common Issues

Garage Door Repairs – The Basics

Garage doors are expensive – so it’s important you protect your investment by ensuring your door receives regular servicing and uses quality parts. Garage door repairs can be a lot less expensive if you’re good to your door! There are different types of doors such as sectional, panel and tilt – each of these come with their own potential issues. These can be mitigated by ensuring you choose carefully when it’s time to get a new door or repair the existing one.

Here are some common Issues with Garage Door Repairs:

  • Door won’t open/close
  • Broken Remote Control
  • Hinges and/or Springs malfunctioning
  • Stuck emergency release
  • Very noisy (grinding) door
  • Motor running but not working
  • Broken lock/key
  • Lack of service
  • Storm damage

Here are some of the ways you can get the best life out of your garage door:

  • Observe and listen – does the door sound the same when it opens/closes? How quickly does it go up/down? Do the sides look symmetrical?
  • Tighten up all the bolts/nuts/brackets – a door will move up and down thousands of times throughout its life and this vibration and movement can loosen some of the hardware. Ensure not to overtighten but make sure they’re nice and firm without trying to be superman about tightening them up!
  • Tracks and Rollers – are they aligned? Is there any obstruction or a build up of dirt/debris?

Many of these problems can be rectified with regular servicing and choosing a manufacturer/supplier with a great warranty. Door Doctors use Merlin Garage Doors and Motors and are fully backed by a 7 year / 15,000 cycle onsite warranty.

For residential sectional/tilt doors we recommend the Merlin MT100EVO Tiltmaster which we have installed for hundreds of satisfied customers.

Click here to have a look at some of our Tiltmaster installs!

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