Service your garage doors or this could be you on Friday arvo…

Friday Afternoon, the long weekend is upon us. Waiting to head up the coast for a lovely long weekend. Peace and quiet, its Australia Day Sunday so prawns and bbq at the ready. Then that bloody garage door, the one Door Doctors have told me to service. Well, I should have listened. Lucky they are always a phone call away. Oh well, guess I’ve missed the traffic, that’s a bonus.

Door Doctors 2019 Update

Today we’d like to do a quick update on some of the things Door Doctors have done in 2019. Since it’s almost Easter already the friendly and talented team at the Door Doctors have worked on a few interesting projects. If you’d like to learn more please click here to view our gallery – we’ve worked on many different tasks during our long lifetime and would be happy to give you a hand if you have any questions!

April – we helped out our friends at Roma Street Parklands, turning a shipping container into a drive through! Check out the pictures below:
March – we helped out maximising a block of units’ parking situation by installing a car lift:
April – we helped out our friends at McGuires Super Cellars after a break in. We are always happy to help with after hours emergency door repair!

Some of the jobs we can help you with:

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Garage Door Maintenance & Cleaning

Garage Door Maintenance
Garage Door Maintenance and Cleaning

Your garage door needs regular cleaning, just like your car – in fact, we recommend doing both at the same time so it’s easy to remember! Roller and shutter doors are a lot more durable than they used to be – so along with fixed maintenance (you’ll double the life of your door with regular servicing) all you really need to do is give them a good clean every now and then! Cleaning your garage door is simple, quick, and will help ensure your investment looks great and works smoothly. Garage door maintenance can sometimes be best left to the experts but we suggest

Protect your garage door (roller or sectional) with these eight simple steps to keep it looking great and (along with a servicing schedule) ensure it’s working well for years to come.

  • Perform a spot test – use warm soapy water or a gentle cleaner – avoid abrasive cleaners and harsh tools such as scourers as they could damage the door. Place a small amount on an unobtrusive area to make sure the cleaner doesn’t discolour or damage the surface before starting.
  • Use a stiff brush to remove detritus such as mildew, dirt, or animal droppings.
  • Rinse with water before cleaning (both sides).
  • Clean the front and back of the door with warm soapy water and a gentle cloth.
  • Rinse with water after cleaning (both sides).
  • (If applicable) wipe down the springs with an oily rag.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion, stop squeaks, eliminate sticking and reduce friction by lubricating hinges, tracks and rollers with lubricating oil (you can get a can of this quite inexpensively from any hardware store – ask for garage door lube)
  • Don’t try and clean the motor and stay away from any of the electronics! That’s best left to the professionals.

We hope this helps! Any questions, please call Door Doctors on 3299 2992.

The Door Doctors

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